Many years ago, I had an extensive collection of vintage microcomputers. These included what could be considered run-of-the-mill machines like the Sinclair Spectrum, the Acorn BBC Micro and the Amstrad CPC. Also included were some much rarer machines, like an RM 480Z, a BBC Master Compact, and a Macintosh 512k.

Sadly, the lockup garage I stored my collection in was emptied in error by the landlord, which resulted in the loss of the collection.

All that remained were a few consoles like a Super Nintendo and a Sega Saturn which I had kept at home.

My collection now is as a result much diminished, but my interest in vintage computers has never really waned. I've always wanted to know and understand a computer inside-out, and the only "proper" vintage computer I still own is an Apple IIe.

So - even though I was never an Apple II user growing up, I've decided to start a series of posts here documenting the process in restoring the system to full working order, along with any useful hardware, software and documentation I find along the way.

Here are the current problems with the system:

  • Ticking noise from power supply - a "dead short" when the machine is started from cold
  • When the computer boots, it occasionally goes into a loop of the self-test sequence
  • Many of the keyboard keys are sticky, and when pressed do not "pop up"
  • The case is discoloured from age

First things first - I've given the machine a good wash by removing the case, and cleaning with soap and water. This made a big improvement, removing all of the dust, gunk and grime from the machine. I've cleaned the motherboard (carefully!) with a paint brush and compressed air.

Although this did not resolve any of the above problems, it's a good first start.

A picture of the IIe

The cleaned motherboard

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